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"My job as a psychophysilogist is to help you reconnect to your body, address your negative beliefs and re-align your body and mind using practical techniques that are based on science."


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Recommended for individuals with:

  • Anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Insomnia

  • Phobias

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders.

  •  Depression

  • Autoimmune disorders




Recommended for individuals with:

  • Communication problems with their partners.

  • Extramarital relationships.

  • Seeking the right person and relationship.

  • Starting a new relationship.

  • Are dealing with infidelity.

  • Finding it difficult to flirt.

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Dr. Stephanos Ioannou, is a Psychophysiologist, Neuroscientist, Professor of Neurophysiology, a mental health counsellor and a mindset coach and has been named a thought leader and world-renowned expert on stress and anxiety.

He has completed his studies in Psychology (BSc), at Functional Neuro-imaging and Brain function (MSc) in the UK followed by a PhD in Neuroscience in Italy under a Marie Curie Fellowship, selected among the top 10 scientist of the world.

Dr. Stephanos has worked as a neonatal scientist on the early acquisition of consciousness in infants at the University of Portsmouth and has served as an Assistant Professor of Neurophysiology, in the College of Medicine, at one of the leading university of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, making him one of the youngest scientist in the world at the Professorial rank. 


His publications deal with how emotions are embodied and felt through the peripheral nervous system. He is considered one of the fathers of thermal imaging and he has been nominated as an honorary member of the American Association of Psychophysiologist in 2017.


Dr. Stephanos has collaborated and worked on research projects with LEGO, University of Munich, University of Heidelberg, University of Aarhus, University of Portsmouth, MIT, and Harvard University.


Dr. Stephanos is the founder of the Limassol Psychological Wellbeing Centre and offers coaching and counseling services, as well as corporate seminars, that focus on stress & anxiety and relationship therapy.


 Breathwork, Affirmations


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Best Selling 

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Elpida K. 30,

“Before seeing Dr. Stephanos I was depressed, anxious and living with insomnia for over 10 years - Everything in my life was falling apart. After only five therapy sessions  I felt  happier, stronger mentally and responsible for my own life. Thank you Dr. for helping me regain control of my life. I  truly appreciate you and the work you do.

Image by Jens Lindner

“You helped me so much, that if it was not for you I wouldn’t have overcome my social phobia and eating disorder. Today thanks to you I managed to have crucial meetings for my professional development and I am healthier than ever. I can’t thank you enough for giving me that push to find my confidence. The best thing I did was dive into it with you, without a second thought. 

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Mina S. , 29,

 "I was in a bad mental health state, I was experiencing panic attacks and my self esteem/confidence was very low. Dr. Ioannou used his psychology, 

neuroscience skills and his love and passion to help people and helped me tremendously. I’ve been to other psychologists, but with him I felt much safer and the results came fast. Not only did I learn how to deal with my anxiety but I have a new, healthier outlook on life and for that I will be forever grateful to him. 

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Stelios A.,57,

"Dr. Stephanos Ioannou is not only extremely compassionate as a human being but also as a mental healthcare professional. He has integrity and a deep level of understanding in his field and you can see how passionate he is in adding value to people's lives. There are not a lot of psychologists currently in Cyprus that are as experienced and distinguished as him. Highly recommended.

Tatiana M.  38,  

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