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Proximity and gaze influences facial temperature: a thermal infrared imaging study

Under the skin: Exploring 2-month-olds' thermal reactions in different social interactions with mother and stranger

Preliminary fMRI findings concerning the influence of 5-HTP on food selection

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The Autonomic Signature of Guilt in Children: A Thermal Infrared Imaging Study

Seeing a Blush on the Visible and Invisible Spectrum: A Functional Thermal Infrared Imaging Study

The Neuroscience of Acquisitive/Impulsive


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Functional Infrared Thermal Imaging: A Contemporary Tool in Soft Tissue Screening

Sympathy Crying: Insights from Infrared ThermalImaging on a Female Sample

Thermal infrared imaging in psychophysiology: Potentialities and limits

The Neurobiological Building Blocks of the False Belief Task

Infrared thermal imaging: Positive and negative emotions modify the skin temperatures of monkey and ape faces

No strings attached: Physiological monitoring of rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) with thermal imaging

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